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Free to go, online shopping, bought ten books, it is estimated that you can see for some time, pass the time. Said for a long time did not buy a book, the buy

And get back the feeling. E-book looked hurt, or paper book looked comfortable and feeling. Often think: how good if you can work in the library

To see endless books, and do not have to buy books so much trouble. Unfortunately, the day is not from the people, was actually no edge. Since graduating from college, no more

library. Fortunately, the habit of reading is insisted down. These years also saw a lot of idle books, do not learn about learning, is the children of the eight classics

Can only be regarded as "do not work".
I said in the novel of the drug, actually became a fool, can not tell the reality and illusory. Want to come to this drug is no drug can be solved, the book is not leave. This

Ten days did not read a book will feel uncomfortable, always feel what is missing. Thought to continue to read e-books, eyes and protest, no

Chennai had to give up. Bought so many books are enough to see a long time, and Nigeria is limited, when I do not know how to place.
Last year in Shanghai when bought a very beautiful bookmarks, only a back, all day idle, presumably also grievances is not small. Now it fell

Is Shu Tai, and can be practicing day and sleep text.
Abdomen has poetry and calligraphy from China, has been convinced that, but these years there is no sublimation of the charm, or a thick one. Temper is not good, character

It is not rigid, often indifferent words hurt people hurt, white read so some books. Fortunately, the heart is quieter than others, Buzhi Yu too floating

Looking back, those who are not white ink to drink, leisure time can also graffiti a few words, emotions have a place to vent, but also to the text will be friends

, Meet the Concert is not necessarily. It is only here, earth-shattering events do not come out of a. Writing book that very people can, and I again

Is a very mediocre mediocre, naturally do not succeed Wenyou has an outstanding, but also gave me a masterpiece, actually also dipped a lot.
Say the body and the soul always have a road, then travel very little, I can only choose to let the soul of the footsteps do not stop. More than a few books

, Despite the stay, after all, no much harm. Good text, always back to Gan, pour out the elegant flower of the soul. Good story, swing back

Intestinal, it seems that they are also a reincarnation, after the survivors, they have a growth.
These years to read and write, nor how much progress. World of this book to turn back and forth how many times, still did not read through. The so-called people, the so-called

World situation, half understood Such as paper and pen, this is a pair of each other, but also could not help but to life stroke. How much pen back? How much paper

A pen to write endless mix of dust, a paper show endless hospitality. Belong to their own practice, the original is no end. The book has its own gold house

In the thousands of millet, the book has a horse like a cluster, the book has a woman Yan Ruyu, really books all seas, Guangshaqianqian, wealth has been very. These may be

Go somewhere else, I met is a curtain of the wind and leisure. Leisure to see sunrise sunset, leisure to see Yunjuanyunshu, leisurely flowers bloom, leisurely people come

For example, at the moment, a pot of pot of tea, waiting for the story from afar.
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